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Website News
by Ian Horner - Saturday, 23 August 2014, 5:17 PM

How to use this website


You class is available below this post. To go to you class click on the  blue "course" button below. 

The page you will be taken to will have a number of topics divided into sections.  You can see all the topics we will cover in class so you have an idea of what to expect. When we began to use the website for class we will deal with one topic at a time and mostly in chronological order. The topic that is currently being studied will have an orange box around the tile that holds the picture of the topic.

  Each section will have a brief introduction and a list of some key terms associated with each topic. Below that you will see some links to some reading materials, notes, powerpoints, webpage links, videos, and other things related to the class. 

You are not required to view every single item under each section, but they are there for a reason and all of them are useful.  Some things that have a dotted grey box in it are required items. I have collected what I thought were very good and valuable resources for you to learn each topic.  This is by no means everything possible but what I thought would be a manageable amount of material and have attempted to organize it in such a way to cut down your search time for this information. Since you don't have a book for the class, these will be your materials to study with.  

I am aware that some of you may not be able to access every website or link or video that is listed.  Many websites are blocked in China, I assure you these sites are only for educational purposes and if you want to know how you can view them I recommend purchasing a VPN. Linked here is the one that I personally use.


 A breakdown of some of the main things on the site:

This is a General Forum where posts about general information about class or other even other types of questions can be asked.